CHEATING by DEMS, aided by crooked Media propagandists Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC being EXPOSED!!

As we predicted months ago, the Democrats attempts to dispirit conservatives and other Trump Supporters was set in motion by the media and by the democrats using phony polls, fake news and ridiculous amounts of money to muddy the electoral waters in states run by Democrat governors.

In Michigan, the vote tallies simply have been inundated with ballots that cannot possibly be considered valid. The same is true in Wisconsin.

In Arizona, the cheating was done in very deceptive actions by poll workers. And there have been several whistleblowers reporting illegal and outrageous cheating by post office workers, election officials with a conscience, and others. James O’Keefe at Project Veritas is digging deep into these allegations, as you can be sure the Trump legal team is aware of all of this.

Confidence remains high that Trump will prevail, and that the results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona are not at all settled.

Join JJ McCartney from 3 to 5pm ET as we discuss the ugly underbelly of modern electoral processes.