Comedian Norm MacDonald dead at 61. Kept cancer hidden from public

It really shouldn’t come as a shock to me any more when someone near my age dies. Yet today it hit me hard that comedian Norm McDonald had dies of cancer after a very private 9+-year battle with the disease.

Norm McDonald was a funny man. It was clear that he didn’t fear joking about controversial or prominent figures in the news.

His address to the White House correspondents dinner in front of Bill Clinton was epic in it’s perfect delivery and almost fearful punchlines.

His handling of the OJ Simpson trial on SNL’s Weekend Update was legend.

Yet, Norm McDonald never pandered to the crowd, in the same way he didn’t pander for sympathy as he fought cancer.

Norm McDonald was one of my guilty pleasures on YouTube late at night, as I sometimes couldn’t stop watching as he went as far as anyone for a laugh.

Aside from his dry, acerbic wit, I never knew much about the guy, as he remained well-guarded in his private life.

The Toronto-born comic scored his biggest success on SNL and then had his own sit-com on ABC, which I loved but it wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

Norm made me laugh with his Bob Dole act in 1996, and his impression of Larry King was hilarious.

Rest in peace, Norm.