Coup in process: FBI, Justice and Mueller commit Treason

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: The Political Establishment attempts an end-run around Constitution, launches COUP attempt  in broad daylight, Republicans leading the way

GOP weasel Mitch McConnell

Leave it to the weasels in the leadership of the GOP in the senate to level their sharpened blades and attempt to thrust them into the President’s back.

Mitch McConnell most assuredly has skeletons in his closet too, be sure of that.

History lesson: anatomy of a coup de’tat:
Partisans disguise themselves as guardians of the rule of law, while violating the Constitution by violating the basic Bill of Rights, while they posit that the seriousness of the charge supersedes the need for evidence of any crime having actually taken place.

And proportionally, consider the conduct of Bill Clinton with that of President Donald Trump:

A sitting president running for re-election takes advantage of a 19-year-old intern, repeatedly allows this 19-year-old intern to perform fellatio on his presidential penis, makes promises to this young girl, and then gets someone to do a favor and getan assignment in the department of defense.

People on the left claim that the special counsel assigned to investigate Clinton has overstepped his bounds, as he was hired to investigate the possible crimes committed by President Clinton and his wife surrounding the Whitewater Land Development Corporation, which essentially fraudulently sold the same parcels of land to several different people.

And people claimed that the sexcapades of the President were between he and his wife, and that it was their “private life”.

In the case of President Trump, who was not president many years ago, supposedly he and a consenting adult film star had a sexual tryst. No laws were broken, no money changed hands, and he has since had a spiritual rebirth, supposedly confessing his sin.

And supposedly an agent(lawyer) negotiated a legal arrangement in which the adult film star agreed to say nothing(a non disclosure agreement) for the sum of $130,000, which then citizen Trump did not know about.

Now, according to those facts, how can any reasonable person possibly suggest that these two scenarios are legally equivalent?

One was an abuse of the Presidency and it’s power to coerce a young girl to engage in sex-acts IN the Goddamn Oval Office. The only reason this information came to light was because this young intern confided in a friend regarding the lecherous behavior of a sitting president.

The other was alleged consensual sex between two adults who had no professional relationship nor the inequity of power to coerce any of the adult acts which were purported to have taken place.

This has led to an out-of-control political witch-hunt, and an attempt to “shame” the President into stepping down or face protracted hearings, a public outing intended to be as injurious to the President as possible, which falls far outside the purview of an investigation about alleged collusion between Russia and Donald Trump. Allegations for which not one single shred of evidence exists.

This is a well-orchestrated attempt to nullify the free and fair election, based on nothing but insinuations, and a raw hatred for the man duly elected by the American people.

President Trump may leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths, but that is not a license to attempt to intimidate the man from executing the duties of the office to which he was elected.

Where was all this concern about sexual fidelity in 1998/99 on part of these pseudo-ethicists with short memories and long faces?

I encourage everybody to read this for what it is: this isn’t just attack on President Donald Trump. This is an attack on the institution of the Presidency in America. It is a veiled attempt by the shadowy Deep State to neuter the Presidency, while they continue to pull all the strings just like the man behind the curtain in the Land of Oz.

The Constitution is the Law of the Land. Robert Mueller is NOT.

Please contact your lawmakers, and the office of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Make it clear to them that Robert Mueller’s behavior has been as reprehensible as any member of the Trump administration. Demand that Mueller be fired for cause.

And it is time to fire Mitch McConnell and the rest of the sleazy Rino’s like him who are fighting to reject the will, and the wisdom of the VOTERS who elected Donald Trump.

The behavior of the political left has been a non-stop attempt to shout down the President with baseless accusations and a raw hatred and vitriol conveniently sustained by billions of George Soros money, and dog whistles emanating from Former traitor-in-Chief Barack Obama..

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