Crunch-time 2020: JJ McCartney needs your help.

We have reached a state of critical here at For over 7 years we have tried our best to furnish the best commentary possible to protect Nd guard our freedom, and to preach the gospel.

Conservative values have been under constant assault at the hands of the media, and the left side of the political aisle.

And all this time, JJ has been fighting numerous serious health problems. Until now, JJ has tried to refrain from making fundraising a large part of the presentation here at

We can no longer afford to do what we have been doing for so long. As like most others in this nation, we are struggling financially. The “promise” of the politicians in DC of help somewhere over the rainbow has caused many to make bad decisions with their money.

The show we have produced for years has cost us dearly financially. Now, we need help. One of our main funding sources has been interrupted through no fault of our own. It leaves us in need of fast relief. Feeding the family is always priority number 1, and now it is becoming more difficult to do.

There are a litany of health issues I could tell you about, but suffice it to say that there are numerous conditions, each of which is serious by itself. Hearty disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Leukemia, blood clots, serious arthritis, and more recent events have kept me from doing the show daily.

Now add the stresses of financial uncertainty, the ridiculous lockdowns, and the craziness of the political atmosphere in the recent months, and it has resulted in a nearly complete debilitation of my physical strength and stamina.

Yesterday I went to the doctor, with yet another new problem. I am waiting for test results, and am trying not to think the worst. God is on the throne, and I trust Him with everything.

And still, I find myself fighting the human tendency to be afraid of the unknown. Much of that is how the devil tries to rob us of joy. And everybody who carries Christ in their hearts finds themselves subjected to this type of faith-challenging temptation.

God will provide. He always has. But we are entering into an eerily dangerous time. Civility and kindness seems to have been eradicated in the political sphere from the left. Their open hostility toward the patriotic Trump supporters has been on full display. They seem to crave warfare instead of common ground. They seem to want scorched earth rather than “live and let live”.

And we have been under constant assault from the Soros-funded troll-nuisance Army of CYBER-terrorists who have attempted to undermine our right to free speech.

These cyber-punks are well-funded and enjoy ridiculous amounts of protection from the mega-internet-companies so they are free to harass and defile honest efforts to guard our Constitution.

So what can we do to fight back? For one thing, we must be willing to consider alternate means of delivering our message to you. The world of communication has been very nearly monopolized by the globalists. the mainstream media is almost entirely owned by leftists and globalist interests.

So we are asking for your support as we plan contingencies to allow us to deliver the message of hope and the message of Christ. We do not know how much time we have left to plant the seeds that may lead others to salvation through Christ.

But we must work as though this is our last chance to sew those seeds.

Please help us deliver that WORD to the masses.