December 10th 2018: The world of Perpetual Media Deception: Media prosecuting Trump while they ignored far more egregious crimes and corruption under Obama, Clintons and Comey’s FBI.

The Corporate-owned mainstream media is effectively nothing but a mouthpiece for the globalist, radical leftist Communist arm of the Democrat party.

The evidence is as near as your television, your portable devices, and the homogenized world of corporate-owned radio.

Independent voices which stray from the AP/Reuters narrative are quickly shadow-banned on social media, and those few who slip beneath the radar of the media machine usually don’t have any money behind them t propagate the truth amidst the sea of deception.

So, for more than five years, we have been bringing you an alternative: Through traditional means, hardly anything gets through their filters, but because we have worked diligently and never quit in the face of resistance the likes of which few mainstream personalities have ever had to deal with, we have emerged with millions of people hearing the truth.

Our pledge is to continue to bring you truth, and to do it without pulling punches, without apologizing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and without compromising our values for the sake of becoming a big star.

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JJ McCartney has been in broadcasting for over 40 years, and is the host of The JJ McCartney Show