Deep State Politicians: Liars, Thieve, Murderers and Traitors- The new Mafia!!

As Trump continues to stand as a populist, the un-drained swamp threatens to overthrow the Constitution and seize control!

Our President is doing his best to govern and manage the economy in a very beneficial way. But the D.C. swamp-rats have organized an attempted coup as they seek to disregard the voice of the PEOPLE.

The mainstream media are SWAMP-RATS TOO! Trust NONE of what you hear from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg or any of the alphabet networks. Every one of them is so severely compromised they are no longer to be trusted or relied on as sources for accurate information.

Look at the state of Virginia, where an insane leftist governor is attempting to try to seize giuns from law-abiding citizens. He is openly advocating the violation of the 2nd Amendment, and the gun-owning public is fighting mad about it.

This is rapidly escalating as other hard-left-leaning states are watching to see if the Swamp-rats in Virginia get away with this. Do you honestly think Gavin Newsom would hesitate to try to do the same in ultra-leftist California?

A threat against any citizen’s 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is a threat to every citizen’s 2nd-amendment rights!!

Maybe the time has arrived for a major rally with gun owners around the nation marching on Richmond and Washington!!

The NRA, the Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch need to get behind this idea and make it happen!!

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