Demo-rats act with impunity, Ignore rule of Law, Spit on Constitution/Bill of Rights

Welcome to Thursday, the 4th day of October. Yesterday, you might recall, we led off the shpow by observing that the temperature was 89 degrees. It came as no surprise then that we awoke this morning to a temperature of 34 degrees. It has now warmed to a balmy 37 degrees withg on-again/off-again drizzle.

But we can cope with the changing weather. What we cannot and MUST NOT tolerate is the lawlessness, sleazy tactics and character assassination which the democrats(backed by LOTS of George Soros money), have used to assault judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Christine Blasey-FRAUD

The lies of Christine Blasey-Ford are now filtering out, including a former boyfriend of Ford’s, who spoke out this week, advising that he saw Ford advising/counseling someone on how to take a lie detector test. Ms. Ford is after all, a clinical Psychologist, who is also quite familiar with hypnosis, and self-hypnosis. Meaning, in laymen’s terms, that she is quite capable of beating a lie-0detector test, and that she might have gone as far as to conjure up a fictitious assault, and consulted with the ranking democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee to fill in the blanks as to who the perp was.

If this gentleman is credible, and correct, then Ms. Ford may have willfully committed perjurty last week, in which case, her troubles are only just beginning. Meanwhile the lunatic left continues to feed their own Trump Derangement Syndrome, as they ignore the evidence(or lack thereof) which all indicates that Ford is quite possibly delusional, zombified, and an operative for the Socialist Democrats. THAT would be much more in keeping with her political activities before she became a household name.

Today, we go back to our high school days, and we will dissect this whole farsical allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, and we’ll also skewer the mainstream media as they have been active co-conspirators with the dempocrats and Soros and Obama, colluding to try to manipulate the mid-term elections just more than one month from now.

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