Dems, Deep State, FBI crapping trhemselves as memo release looms

Michele Obama: All we have now is ‘Hope’.

Appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show, Moochelle tried to make it sound as though the nation is on the verge of utter collapse and chaos.

The funny part is, it was she and her husband that lead America toward what they hoped would be permanent decline, especially aimed at working white people.

Unfortunately for Barack and the nappy-headed Michelle, American pride is BACK, as President DonaLd J. Trump has already un-done much of the damge done by the Obamas, lintons and so many other plans of the Deep State.

America is winning again, And the evil Obamas don’t like it one bit.


Also in the news, the FBI is trying to discredit the memo, in spite of the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE. FBI Director Chris Wray has proven to be just another embedded Deep-State operative. Trump needs to fire Chris Wray, for his blatant politicking.

And we will talk with guest Michael Cutler about the President’s State of the Union address, and specifically his thoughts on the DACA/Dreamers issue, and whether Trump’s plan seems plausible or reasonable.

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