Election 2018: Dr. Mark Davis, plus…Reasons Conservatives should vote enthusiastically: #Walkaway Voter enthusiasm should be at an all-time high for Repubs.

I try not to overwhelm people with cliches. Especially when they are formerly trendy sayings from years gone by.

But I am going to say it now regarding the ridiculous media predictions of gloom and doom for Republicans in this mid-term election:

YOU do the MATH.

Let me make sure no Democrats confuse this with their much more common expression “YOU do the Meth”.. I am talking about simple arithmetic.

More Americans working than ever. Wages up over 3% this year. Unelployment lowest in about 50 years. Record low unemployment among Latinos and Blacks.

Lower taxes. Business unshackle by ridiculous regulations. Pulling out of BAD trade deals made by the Obama admin. TPP, Iran Nuke Deal, The Paris Climate Accord, all devastating to America, all entered into by Barack Obama, and President Donald Trump kept his campaign promises in less than two years, pulling out of all three!.

Conservatives in Congress helped pass the Trump agenda, and they deserve to stay in power as the majority party, plain and simple. Results matter much more than Oprah and Barack speechifying.

So the next time a presidential tweet frustrates you, ask your WALLET how IT feels about President Trump and the GOP’s economic progress!!

Now, if you have yet to vote, please drop what you are doing and VOTE!

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