Facelift in progress: JJ McCartney upgrades on the way!

Ahhh. The rumors are making the rounds, so let me just clear the air:

the reason we didn’t have any blog updates or posts the past couple days is a problem with our internet service provider and their fiber modem being finicky.

for reasons not known, my fiber modem isn’t passing any traffic to or from Www.jjmccartney.com. Can you see how that might create headaches?

So I have sent a very k8ndly worded missive to the folks at Allo communications. A great company, with great service, but what good is 100mbps connectivity if I cannot use it to connect to my website?

Thankfully, I have set up my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot just so I can connect via my iPad and administer my website until Allo figures out what the problem isn’t.

stay tuned.