FACT: MSNBC, CNN gleefully bought in to fake Russian anti-Trump rallies

Today on The JJ McCartney Show, we’ll visit with Dr. and author Mark Davis!

We’ll detail the manner with which fake news channels MSNBC and CNN gleefully participated in the Fake Russia-generated Anti-Trump rallies, and how little effort was expended determining who was sponsoring and underwriting the fake rallies.

Also, Victor Orban has been a courageous voice in Eastern Europe, speaking out against the Muslim migration to Europe, and has spoken out against the crooked actions of George Soros. And he is now passionately speaking out to Europe, stating that Chriostianity is the ONLY HOPE for Europe(and the rest of the world, for that matter).

Meanwhile, under Islamic oppression, Iran is experiencing a new and strong underground Christian spark. The more the people are oppressed, the more receptive people in Iran seem to hear the gospel of Christ and compare it to the Islamic theocracy which has long stood for oppression, violence, and intolerance.

Seth Rich murder remains unsolved, but we have some extraordinary claims being made by some pretty connected people.


And a Florida city is forbidding one family from growing a garden on THEIR private property!

And we will talk about the disaster that has been NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Ratings are at historic lows, interest has waned, and the actual coverage has been so atrocious that NBC has gotten clobbered in the ratings by all manner of programming on the other networks and cable.

But then, what would you expect from the network that brought you such great programs as “Out-sourced”, “Daddio” and “Manimal”?

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