Florida primary results make it clear: Voters reject Democrat leadership’s chosen, purge Clinton Corruption

Hello news-fans, and get ready for a Wednesday show without IQ Al Rassooli, who is under the weather today.

In his absence, we will take a leisurely and thorough look at the day’s news, and share with you our thoughts on the latest developments at home and abroad.

JJ will never hold back when he sees thngs that Americans need to know about. And trust us, boldness is not in short supply. But please say prayers for us so that we will temper our boldness with deliberate contemplation, and that we offer that combination of boldness and discipline, to reflect our genuine concern for the hearts, minds and souls of the listeners.

Please pray for JJ, for Wisdom and for direction as we endeavour to balance the news of the world with the GOOD news of the Gospel!

Be ready for an ernest pursuit of truth and discernment.

As the President continues to battle the Deep State, he too needs our prayers. The President is relatively new to being a Christian, and he needs encouragement, discernment and wisdom too. The nation needs that in our leaders, and in spite of the evil mainstream media, it seems clear to me that God has answered our prayers of two years ago, and it would be a terrible shame if we stopped praying for this man, ,thinking that our work is done just because he won an election.

Invest your time in prayer for our nation and it’s leaders, that God’s will be done. And then watch what God does!!

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