FREEDOM Special Tuesday 05-26-2020 Bureaucratic Doublespeak 101

Welcome to Freedom Tuesday at The JJ McCartney Show!

Today JJ explains why socialized medicine will and can NEVER work! And while the bureaucrats try to cover their own behinds, customers fall through the cracks, run out of medicines, are denied reasonable service and, in some cases die waiting for care that never comes.

This rusty hinge process is designed as a cost of doing business by the bureaucrats. It is vital you understand that in addition to negligence, these bureaucrats calculate an acceptable number of deaths due to negligence, incompetence, and red tape.

Is that going to provide solace when it is your loved one lying dead on a slab?

The cold and emotionless bureaucrats, actuaries and politicians are perpetually unmoved by anecdotal evidence of negligence. They just want to move your concern along to the next level of bureaucrats.

Plus, why do you suppose the media is so corrupt? Are they just buttholes, or is it a more coordinated attempt to deceive and mislead the masses?

And oh by the way, hope you all had a great Memorial Day!

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