Friday April 3rd 2020: Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin

Shocking information today on The JJ McCartney Show proves how ridiculously over-stated the Coronavirus outbreak is in the mainstream media, and why YOU should turn them all off!

For example, JJ shares a number that might surprise the lame-stream media in it’s simple factual baseline which nobody in the fourth estate bothers to observe.

Prepare to have your minds blown at the easy way JJ McCartney putrs the blubbering fools at Drudge, CNN and MSNBC in their place, as bottom-feeders dutifully following their fuhrer, Hehr Obama/Soros.

Join us LIVE from 3-5pm ET with The Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin, as we bring you the fastest two hours in radio LIVE at and Red State Talk Radio