Friday August 10th 2018- The Friday Extravaganza with the Mysterious Colonel

The JJ McCartney Show is celebrating 5 years on the air on August 19th! Yes, it was August 19th 2013 that we embarked on this mission to proclaim the TRUTH, and to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

As satisfying as Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary was, it didn’t mean our mission was complete.

As anybody with the sense of a gnat can see that the left has become more radical, more hostile, more vindictive, more violent, and more unhinged than at any time in history.

And these people are aided by a tailwind deceptively referred to as the “main-stream media”. These people are biding their time, waiting on us older American patriots to die, so they can demolish America as a free nation, and shred the Constitution and instead welcome their globalist gods to rape and murder the holdovers who hold fast to theior belief that America is a sovereign nation which must remain free for the sake of the rest of the world.

The crazies on the left are reprobates, without conscience, with no regard for fact and truth, but instead they are purveyors of evil, and they are controlled by the son of perdition himself, our enemy, the devil.

Evil is spreading around the world, and largely it is because very few people are standing in it’s way.

Do you think America is too strong to fall to these people? Have you studied history? Our herculean efforts in 2016 were barely enough to beat Hillary by the narrowest of margins. Now is no time to rest on our laurels. Now is the time for America’s Christians to get involved in our political process at every level! Now is the time to PROCLAIM the gospel and stand against evil in our midst.

If the Christians-in-name-only ignore this call to duty, then what choice will God have, but to withdraw His favor from America. As a nation, we have been so blessed for so long, covered by a veil of protection from our enemies. But as America has abandoned God in the Classroom, the Courtroom and the Public Square, our nation has begun to show vulnerability to our enemies.

If America is to survive into the 2030’s, it will ONLY be because enough of God’s children here are praying, seeking God’s will, and asking Him for more time and more mercy. This is not a hare-brained claim, it is as biblical as anything we have ever stated on the pages of this website for years.

If we fail to stand in the gap for our future generations, and for those of our ally Israel.

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