Friday August 14th 2020: Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel + Trade Martin LIVE 3-5pm ET

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What more can we say besides FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!??? We wrap up this crazy week with the Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin, covering all the latest crazy news, leftists declaring looting, rioting and burning down businesses as their sick form of reparations against whitey.

We’ll attempt to decode their ridiculous, mindless blather, and share what we KNOW is true and riught with everybody.

And now that entire college conferences are canceling football seasons, and major sports leagues are looking to follow suit, the tyranny of the globalists is reaching fever pitch.

Imagine November 4th 2020: The PEOPLE mustr send a message on November 3rd that we are NOT going to live under unconstitutionally instituted tyranny and mob rule.

America must remain the LAND of the FREE…but it will only happen if WE are actively involved in leading the charge to oust the incumbent liberal left from D.C. DRAIN the SWAMP ONCE and FOR ALL!!


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