Friday December 6th 2019 Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin LIVE 3-5pm ET

On the eve of the 78th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack, separate Naval Yard shootings have all the earmarks of an organized terrorist threat.

It was revealed earlier today that the Pensacola Naval Shipyard shooter was a (now deceased) Saudi National. As Agent Jethroe Gibbs from NCIS would say, “I don’t believe in Coincidence”. A shooter at Pearl harbor a few days ago. and today Pensacola. Let us hope and pray that security at all ouir military facility across the U.S. will be ratcheted up. Locking down facilities, and armed security need to be stationed at  all such facilities.

And while the morally bereft Democrats try to build their pie-in-the-sky fantasy prosecution of President Trump(look, mom, no high crimes or misdemeanors!).

Americans are growing extremely weary of the constant whining and pissing and moaning of the Schiffs and Nadlers and Pelosi’s  and their incessant belly-aching all because they couldn’t beat the President at the polls in 2016, and they won’t in 2020.

Meanwhile, we have a brand new Christmas video from Trade Martin which will make it’s debut on our show today!

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