Friday Extravaganza: 12-07-2018 w/ the Mysterious Colonel. Today’s topic: World gone crazy- Has Political Correctness reached a tipping point yet?

It’s Friday, and JJ is back is the proverbial saddle covering news, sharing opinion and keeping things real.

Joining JJ today is the Mysterious Colonel, Star of such musicals as “A streetcar named Bea Arthur”, “Singin’ in the Shower”, and the holiday classic “Murder on 34th Street”. as well as the host of the game-show “Name that Smell”.

We’ll talk about the hysteria the media is in over the Mueller situation. They are also wetting themselves abut the fluctuations on Wall Street. And as always, factually speaking, they get virtually everything WRONG.

So join us, as we set the record straight, LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET here at and Red State Talk Radio!