Friday Extravaganza: Insanity rules the Left! Media frothing at possibility of ANOTHER Hildebeast run in 2020, and a polio-like disease has once again surfaced in the US, parylizing as many as 100 children(but by all means, let’s keep acceptying unvetted refugees and allow thousands of illegals to POUR in ACROSS OUR SOUTHERN BORDER)


As the the November electio0n approaches, Democrats are doubling down on insanity. Between mindless Soros-funded zombies and violent mobs(Soros Brownshirts from Antifa) Democrats have gone all-in on incivility, threats, assaults, even assaults on GOP CANDIDATES in Minnesota.

And their ringleaders are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters.

This is beyond First-Amendment free speech. They have advocated violence and mob rule for longer than most think.

Now word that Hillary Clinton wants to run again in 2020. After stating that the time for civility has past, among other insane rants, Hildebeast is reserving the right to run again. That’s right, the mosty flawed, hideous and insane candidate we’ve ever seen thinks she can win in 2020.

As we said, insanity rules the Democrats and it has for quite a while, dating back to Al Gore.

Elsewhere in the news…

“Poliolike” Childhood Muscle-Weakening Disease Reappears

Researchers have traced some cases of acute flaccid myelitis to a known virus, but treatments remain elusive

ILLEGAL CARAVAN from Honduras: Trump calls Demoncrats the party that supports illegal immigration and they are doing it to get them to vote. It is literally mass-voter-fraud the Democrats are advocating. Trump saidthis:

“Hey, they’re not so stupid when you think about it,” he said. “But they are crazy.”

And that is an understatement. We’ll elaborate LIVE on today’s show with the Mysterious Col0nel.

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