Friday Extravaganza- JJ and the Colonel turn to humor to neutralize the insanity of the left!

Ahhhhhh, sweet LEVITY, Take us away from the looney land of the LEFT!!

The lunatic left has gotten so ridiculous, that we n rely on comedy and humor to deliver us thgrough the ridiculousness and into a world where things actually make sense, where peoiplke who are enjoying the stronbgest economic growth and where joblessnbess is literally at record lows, and where wages are at record highs, and where people of all colors, shapes and sizes are seeing reasons for optimism, the enemies of America are trying to tear down the progress we have made, and destrpoy our electoral victories through pure deception and false attacks on good people who’ve devoted their entire career to public service.

So we’re going to throw as many laughs as possible ayt you today by peering back in the time-space continuum to a time when people had intelligence and WISDOM.

And more than a little creativity.

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