Friday Extravaganza withj the Mysterious Colonel

Friday February 23rd 2018 The FRIDAY EXTRA with the Mysterious Colonel and  wrap on the week’s significant news

Join JJ and the Colonel LIVE from 3-5pm ET for the official wrap on the week that was.

Plus a special tribute to Billy Graham, and why many cretins have chosen to besmirch Graham now that he has passed on, and how totally wrong they are.

Plus…some blasts from the past, and our commentary on the “tolerant” political left in this nation and just how rotten to the core they truly are, and why they have chosen to un-mask themselves as the embodim,ent of evil.

Don’t miss it, and please share with your friends, as we’re working harder than ever to spread the TRUTH in the face of all the lies of the mainstream media/.

We’re LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at and Red State Talk Radio!