Friday February 7th 2020: IOWA “Cornfusion” The Friday Extravaganza w/Trade Martin and Acquittal Week Celebration

It’s Friday…a day to CELEBRATE the exoneration of President Donald Trump, and the utter failure of the anti-American, angry, bitter and Butt-hurt LEFT who have the gall to call themselves Democrats! These people are socialists, communists, and they just failed in a coup attempt masked as an impeachment.

Their failure coincides with the massive economic success of the Trump Presidency. Americans know that under Trump’s leadership, we are all better off than we were four years ago. And the best is yet to come!

Americans are working, building their own futures and fewer and fewer people are feeding from the public trough. America is winning because AMERICANS are winning.

We still have much to do, but working together, as patriots and as Godly people, we can continue to choose the path that is best for us. Meanwhile, the “Democrats” cannot even manage a simple Caucus. They have been revealed to yet again be so corrupt that in four days they cannot tabulate 150,000 votes accurately.

And no matter the results of the Democrat Caucus, their “candidates” are all losers. They have no vision for America. Their vision is for a re-purposed version of communism and Soviet style socialism, which has always failed and collapsed under it’s own weight throughout human history.

Americans will choose freedom and liberty over tyranny every time.

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