Friday January 17th 2020 Friday Extravaganza w/Trade Martin – Impeachment Trial a ridiculous case of Dem Desperation

Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Obama holdovers desperately attempting to bamboozle news media in hopes of generating artificial public outcry. In reality these people KNOW they have already lost 2020 race.

Juist how dumb do the Democrats think the American people are? The leftists in Congress, and in the Deep State seem to think that the American people still watch Steven Colbert and the two lame Jimmy’s with the same ra[pt attention that we used to watch Johnny Carson. They want to delude themselves into thinking that they are still relevant players on the national political stage.

These people have tried at every turn to mislead, deceive, obfuscate and distract from what Americans know for fact: Donald Trump has been good for the American people. Economically, his leadership has led to unprecedented prosperity, opportunity. Employment at an all-time high across the board in all demographics.

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