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You think you know what the enemies of America are planning next? How can you guard against the evil they have in mind? It all starts with preparedness.


Start with the essentials. Food. Water. Shelter. electricity. medicine. weapons for protection. Weapons for hunting. Knowledge of your surroundings. Get top know your neighbors. Who can you trust? How can you work cooperatively to protect one another in the event of hostiles or marauders trying to threaten life and limb, as well as property.

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Get to know the natural habitat, and what you can do to procure foods found in nature.

Be guarded about wh0 you share information with. Don’t tip your hand to people you aren’t sure you can trust.

stock up on ammo, provisions and survival gear. Stock up on pet food, too.

And if you cannot find what you need locally, search online. A great place to start is the Caravan to Midnight store page you will find when you click the SHOP button at

Just for fun, where does Wiley Coyote get HIS survival gear?

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