Friday July 9th 2021: The Friday Extravaganza and an open call for JOKES(not counting JoeMo’s policies)

Today on The Friday Extravaganza: Is the ridiculous $15 an hour minimum wage just another method for destroying the free market economy? And where can you go to get an honest hour’s actual WORK for $15? As a businessman, how do you know what you will get for that $15 an hour, and for those people NOT in business, did you know that a $15 minimum wage costs employers much closer to $15-30 an hour?

Not even the staunchest liberals can believe this guy’s bullshit!

The inmates trying to pretend they are in charge in the District of Corruption are trying every day to demolish free enterprise in America, while demonizing the idea of PROFITS, and attacking the heart and soul of the American economy, which is affordable energy.

Why was it their top priority to destroy the oil industry?

Remember how, back when Donald John Trump was the LEGITIMATE president, America was energy-independant? Recall how America became the largest producer of oil on the planet? Remember how energy prices dropped to the lowest since the early 1980’s?

Remember how America had record employment, even amo0ng minorities? Remember how the markets loved Trump’s economic plans?

Now survey the landscape and you will find very few who are optimistic about the future of the dollar, as well as national security, crime, and the outlook for the newr future and the long-term future.

Remember how Trump defended our ally, Israel? Now we have a bunch of clowns coddling Iran while betraying our alliance with Israel.

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