Friday June 18th 2021: A new chapter begins- The Friday Extravaganza LIVE 3-5PM ET


So Hey, man…whatchawanna do today??? On most days I would scour news sites, build up a list of material to talk about and craft a commentary around it.

But this isn’t just another day for me. This is the day I start a new chapter, as we kick off the process of fighting back against MS. Injections weekly to try to reclaim some of my mobility and hopefully eliminating pain.

Battling an unseen enemy like MS is really not that different than the spiritual warfare we must engage in every day. Our enemy is invisible to most. And the foolish choose not to believe that there is evil afoote in the spiritual realms even as we speak.

But the enemy is daily attacking us, trying to undermine us at every turn, to discourage, frustrate, and bombard us with worries.

Faith is the key to victory over our adversary, the devil.

There is much to discuss on this Friday Extravaganza, The Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin will be with us for this Happy Friday, as we prepare for the festive “Junteenth”(am I the only one that think this is the most moronic so-called “holiday” ever??

Sunday is Father’s day, but be careful how loudly you say that, because the anti-family, anti-christian, anti-American haters out there don’t think Fathers should get their own day. For them we have all kinds of words and gestures to express our views on the topic.

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