Friday June 22nd 2018: EXCLUSIVE!! All about Melania’s secret coded jacket message- The real message decoded LIVE

Melania’s secret coded message on her jacket: Decoded LIVE on today’s JJ McCartney Show!

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET for this GROUND-BREAKING message and what it REALLY MEANS!

Is she about to divorce the President?

Is she shacking up with Barack and Michele and Valerie?

Is she about to turn states-evidence on POTUS?

Is she meeting secretly with Mueller?

Is Melania having an affair with the entire Secret Service detail?

Is Melania planning to spill her guts to Oprah?

The coded message has all the mainstream media is literally crapping themselves! We’ll expose the real meaning and what it means.

Plus Peter Strzok has had his security clearance revoked by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We’ll chare some remarkable opinion and commentary from a brilliant voice in the wilderness!

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