Friday June 29th: Mainstream media with the scoop of the century: Summer weather is ‘hot’. The Best of The JJ McCartney Show

Friday June 29th:

Isn’t it amazing how astute the news media is? Here we are, a week into summer, and the weather has turned “hot”.

And while a few records have been broken, it seems to catch the wizards of smart in the news business by surprise.

I’ve survived 56 summers, and aside from when I was a toddler, summer and it’s accompanying warm temperatures have never caught me by surprise. Seasons, they are called.

But if you jump on Drudge today, it is as if summer is happening for the very first time. Sure, it was a hot and miserable day Thursday, but climate is never static. It changes daily, and the same summer sun that drove our heat index well above 100 degrees Thursday is only supposed to manage 77 degrees ion Saturday.

See how that works, Mr. Drudge? Hot temps and high pressure fgives way to a cold front and low pressure. And so it has been since creation itself.

And while obsessing over the weather is something of a yearly summer-time tradition, there is much more that should be grabbing the attention of the American people. For example, the unhinged, bitter, hate-filled and unapologetic behavior of the lunatic leaders of the Democrats has exceeded tolerable levels. The hate, and the call for riots and violence by the Dems is dangerous, irresponsible and criminal.  Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Hillary Clinton, Jerrold Nadler, Chuck Schumer, and virtually every Democrat west of the Azores is blowing their dog-whistles, inciting physical confrontations with members of the Trump administration, and the good people of America are fed up with it.

As November’s mid-term election is fast approaching, the democrats have unmasked themselves, and proven to be anti-American, prepubescent sourpuss tantrum,-throwing losers. Recall when the Democrats were victorious in 2008 and 2012, how graceless they were in victory.

You hear people saying the country has never been more divided. A study of the nation in the grips of civil ware in the 1860’s might cause you to rethink that statement. But if the nation is so divided, whose fault it it? One need look no farther than the Barack Obama administration, and the conspiracy of Obama, Soros, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Muslim Brotherhood, the United Nations, and the deadbeats in the European Union.

Race-baiting from Maxine Waters, Obama, and sadly many in the entertainment industry as well as the so-called mainstream media have fomented the hate and vitriol of those who have viciously attacked the President, and his staffers.

Such was never the case when democrats held the WhiteHouse.

There has been no gun violence from conservatives. There has been no riots from conservatives. There have been no calls for violence from the conservatives.

The behavior of those on the left has been intolerable, and it is an act of defiance and provocation as they try to get US to sink to their ridiculous level.

We’re not going to start any trouble. But if the left insists on encroaching on our Constitution, our rights to free speech, freedom to exercise our faith, and our right to enforce the rule of law through our Constitutional Representative Republic, then we are more than prepared to stand and fight to preserve and protect those rights. Our conviction is righteous and genuine.

Those on the left insist on behaving like entitled toddlers. It may well be time we exercised some corporal punishment to help these people re-calibrate their behavior, their judgment and their paradigm.

The majority of Americans are sick and tired of the disrespectful and criminally insane behavior of Maxine Waters. And while some democrats try to act as though Mad Maxine doesn’t represent the mainstream of the democrat party, I contend that she absolutely does represent the mainstream of the Democrat party.

All pretense of civility and meaningful and sincere concern for the UNITED States of  American has been abandoned by the Democrats. Actions speak louder than their hollow words read from teleprompters.

November is coming. As the song from Madison Rising says: “We don’t want to have to bring our guns, but we’re ready if it goes there”.

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