Friday March 23rd 2018: JJ and the Colonel’s funky Stock Tips

“Give that man a cigar”. Senate gives themselves a BONUS in Omnibus spending bill. Trump vows “never again”!

The Who said it best in “Won’t get fooled again” when they sang “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

The Senate sent the Omnibus spending bill to President Trump’s desk this morning, packed with pork, insane spending projects, most notably the Senators carved out $12,000,000 for themselves. A “bonus” for the do-nothings in the Senate. Ao this begs the question, America: Do YOU think that Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and Pocahontas Warren desertve “bonuses”?

The Mysterious Colonel’s blood pressure is headed north while the deficit is headed to Mercury, and while the mood of the nation goes south.

JJ and the Colonel will be cutting loose with that perfect blend of news, satire, levity and indignation aimed at the nation’s capitol.

Plus the adventures of Radio-man…the hapless superhero-in-training who keeps landing on his face when he tries to fly!!

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