Friday March 26th 2021 JJ McCartney’s Friday Extravaganza LIVE 3-5pm ET

Join JJ McCartney LIVE Friday from 3 to 5pm ET for the Friday Extravaganza. It’s the razzle-dazzle-wrap-up of another week of broadcast excellence for all to enjoy!!

The Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin join JJ to compare notes, share recipes, and swap tales of how cool we all were when we were young!

But seriously, folks, we’ll tackle the news of the day, the state of our union, and why in spite of all the evil forces arrayed against us, we refuse to sit down and shut up!

Plus: More exciting announcements forthcoming about the future of The JJ McCartney Show, and what our plans are to grow and expand!!

Join us LIVE every weekday from 3 to 5pm ET for The JJ McCartney Show(The CURE for the COMMON show!).

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