Friday May 10th 2019: Friday Extravaganza, Remembering Dr. Mark Davis

Greetings to all on this Friday.

It is with a heavy heart I share the news of the death of our dear friend and regular guest Dr. Mark Davis.

I just learned that Dr. Mark passed away after being stricken with an aggressive form of Lymphoma. Dr. Mark Davis was born in Brooklyn NY on July 22nd, 1951, and attended medical school at SUNY in Syracuse, NY. He practiced medicine and was also a science tutor, and an author.

Dr. Mark Davis was our regular Tuesday guest for more than 5 years, and will be remembered as a man with a sharp mind, who passionately fought against Obamacare, who recognized the political enemies of America for what they were, and fought hard to preserve America’s freedom and where medicine is concerned, he was not only a doctor, but tried to protect people from the rationing and reckless legislation that strippoed away real choice from the people.

Dr. Mark Davis, 1951-2019. Rest in peace, my friend.

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