Friday May 15th 2020: Obama-G-A-T-E ANGER BUILDS over Soetoro’s TREASON

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Public enemy number 1: China. Public enemy number 2: Obama(he’s #2! He’s #2!)

An uprising of ANGER is manifesting itself among America’s voters and citizens as the unvarnished truth is exposed about Barack Obama’s treason in his final hours as president. The unsealed records of congressional testimony from every principal in the fake Russian Collusion hoax reveal that Obama himself concocted the whole scheme, and believed it would be successful with the aid of the compliant media.


Never before in the history of the republic have we seen a more conceited, obnoxious misuse of the power of the presidency as we saw in Obama’s two terms. And after his policies were rejected by the voters in the form of President-elect Donald Trump, Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Strzok, Jarrett, and a host of elected officials from Schiff to Pelosi to Schumer and eventually even Mitt Romney played a role in trying to overthrow a duly elected President Donald Trump.

The people were already in a bad mood because of the tyrannical and unconstitutional lockdowns and oppressive restrictions placed on businesses all across the nation. As the lockdowns and quarantines begin their 9th week(remember when it was supposed to be just 14 days?) people are eager to get back to work and get the economy restarted. Summer is almost here and people are pissed off that they have seen their Constitutional rights repeatedly being infringed upon by “philosopher-kings” like Anthony Fauci and Elizabeth Birx.

Today we will discuss the authoritarian bent of Democrat governors across the nation who seek to corrupt the November election by whatever methods they can, as they know that Biden has no shot of beating President Trump in a fair, free election.

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