Friday May 28th 2021: The JJ McCartney Show becomes a Recreational Vehicle for Memorial Day Weekend

JJ McCartney becomes your cruise director today on the Lido Deck of Talk Radio FUN!

As we get ready for the official start of summer(as far as the people are concerned), we will feature some GREAT music, some great memories, and we will dig a little deeper into JJ’s music library to share some of his special memories and favorites.

It’s gonna be a party atmosphere, with everything except Mike’s Hard lemonade and unfortunately no Corona or Margaritas on the Lido deck(cannot risk spilling on our expensive broadcast gear, you understand).

Folks, this episode is going to be a real revelation for those who have not yet been initiated into the Friday Fun Bunch, this is a Friday Extravaganza of MAMMOTH proportion!!

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET at Red State Talk Radio, and the Caravan to Midnight channel at