Friday May 29th 2020: Friday Extravaganza SPECIAL: Obama’s divisive race war

As the lawless thugs imported into Minneapolis destroy blocks of businesses, homes and entire communities are descending into chaos and disorder.

I would never try to justify the brutal way that George Floyd died at the hands of a police officer.
But why does that serve as cause for dozens of acts of arson, marauding vandalism and willful destruction of millions of dollars worth of property and businesses owned by law-abiding citizens, taxpayers and people of all colors and creeds?
Lawlessness and terrorism is never allowed in a land of law and order.
Nothing nauseates me more than cuckold white people who deign to speak as apologists on behalf of white people by proxy, and misrepresent us as someone justifying the acts of the lawless marauders.
These are the same kind of people that never dared discipline their own children, instead opting to behave like the embodiment of human milk-toast.
As the old song states: you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
To my friends of color, what I hear you saying is how frustrated you are at the tribal behavior that you are seeing from so many people of color in Minneapolis, because that is not a fair representation of people of color.
Neither is it a fair representation of law enforcement as a whole to claim that systemic racism is to blame for the acts of one small group in Minneapolis.
Individual acts should be the responsibility of individuals. That is what our Constitution demands.
Nowhere in the Constitution does it demand that riotous lawlessness be excused if people are upset about one single incident of racism or suspected racism by one bad cop.
In fact, it flies in the face of our Constitution to blame all manner of mass lawlessness on one bad cop.
Individual acts of lawlessness are all calculated acts by individuals.
For the same reason we no longer lynch black men for raping white women, we must never allow or condone angry black people destroying entire blocks of businesses in their own cities and towns as a means of expressing their own indignation at a crime committed by one crazed police officer.
Everybody needs to *calm their shit*.