Friday May 7th 2021:; The Friday Extravaganza LIVE! 3-5pm ET

JJ McCartney,. The Mysterious Colonel, Trade Martin and YOU. THOSE are the magic ingredients in what we lovingly refer to as the FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!

We’ll talk news, from politics to the SCAMDEMIC to the Vaccine HOAX, and the numerous people in all layers of government bureaucracy that decided to participate in the fakery! Heaven knows what these seat-polishing red-tape-applying brown-nosers have been promised for their compliance from their superiors up the government food chain, but it will surely backfire on them some day.

The evil globalist task-masters are trying to eliminate our voices every day on social media, and through their virtue-signaling it is clear that they have chosen a side in the fight for American sovereignty.

We all must choose a side. And those who fail to choose a side will inevitably end up caught in a cross-fire.

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