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Friday May 8th 2020: INSANE leftist media losing their grasp on reality in wake of Justice Dept. dropping charges against Flynn!

53% of Dems say mental health of Democrats(a myth, right?) worse due to CHINA virus. But let’s be real…these people have not been mentally healthy most of their lives anyway. How can you LOSE what you never HAD???

More BAD news for Joe Biden: Tara Reade(his rape accuser) told her then-husband about his attack on her in 1993. The other bad news for Biden? He’s still Joe Biden. AND, now documents related to Adam Schiff’s fake Russia/Collusion hoax indicate that Biden had a hand in trying to help facilitate the fake investigation/impeachment.


And prosecutors in Georgia have filed charges against the father and son accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery back in February after video of the incident was released on multiple platforms. Debate will no doubt center on the intentions of the two, after wild accusations were made this week, describing these two suspect “hunting” Arbery. Many people claim this was a racist/white supremacist killing, but the basis for that is extremely premature.

Amazingly, the people making those wild accusations cannot explain why the unarmed victim physically charged/assaulted one of the gunmen, who then shot him.

Also unknown was who was recording the incident, and whether there is an unedited copy of the footage.

How about everybody take a breath, calm down and let the process play out before lining these two men up for lethal injections?

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