Friday, October 23rd 2020: Friday Extravaganza: JJ flies solo reviewing Trump’s DEMOLITION of clueless Joe Biden

In case anybody missed it, last night Donald Trump obliterated Joe Biden with this very simple statement: “You’re a politician”.

Trump actually scored all the major points of the evening by simply telling the truth about Biden and the things he claims he will do if elected, which Trump framed very nicely by asking “why didn’t you do it when you were in power for 8 years? Or for the 47 years you have been a Washington politician?”


The record is clear. The choice is obvious.

Then Biden tried to invoke HIS character as the big selling point. By saying You KNOW who he is, you know who I AM. You know my character as someone who tells the truth.

Anybody have any idea what Biden thinks we “KNOW” about his character?



Delusional Joe. Sleepy Joe. Moron Joe.

November 3rd is fast approaching. Let’s get this done, and get back to work for America!