Friday on The JJ McCartney Show: Black February? Plus is Moonves Farrow’s latest target?

Developing: Is Moonves next to get voted out of the celebrity Big Brother house?

As New Yorker magazine’s Ronan Farrow attempts to milk his latest juicy sexual misconduct expose on a “major media bigwig”, we have learned that the likely target of his latest hit-piece is CBS executive Les Moonves.

Of course, we could be wrong, but if Moonves is the next Weinstein-like target, it would mean a major shakeup at the number one TV network in the United States. Moonves has been the chief of programming and operations at CBS for nearly 20 years, and is the president of CBS. Moonves has been married to CBS news/Big Brother starlet Julie Chen for 13 years, and has managed to stay out of the tabloids for most of that period.

As the atmosphere in Hollywood has become less and less tolerant of those accused of sexual misconduct, it will be interesting to see, if Moonves is the target, the nature of the allegations and the time-frame of those allegations. While we normally do not concern ourselves with Hollywood gossip, it is interesting to note that Moonves has been behind the signing of some of the most radially leftist “talent” on CBS, including the lame hiring of Stephen Colbert as host of the Late Show, and the debacle that ensued when he hired Katie Couric to be the head of CBS news and the anchor of the CBS Evening News.

If the nature of the allegations are similar to those made against Weinstein, it seems unlikely Moonves would be able to keep his job.

The controversy is sure to dominate the tabloids and salacious TV magazines like Entertainment Tonight and TMZ. Stay tuned.

Plus, stocks have taken a beating the past 8 days. Will this February, already known as Black History Month, come to be known as Black February? We’ll bring you the latest analysis on the wild ride investors have been on this month, and for the past year.

Plus, the mysterious Colonel joins us as well!

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