Friday September 9th 2012: The Friday Extravaganza 3-5pm ET The Mysterious Colonel and Mysterious quotes

Today it’s the Friday Extravaganza from 3 to 5pm ET, as we talk about the news of the world, and dive deeper into what awaits the world without it’s queen.

How do you suppose the U.K. will feel about Charles and Camilla as the King and his queen? How do YOU think of them, as royals or as just another clown show? No disrespect for the Brits, but doesn’t it seem a bit ridiculous in the year 2022 to see people bowing and scraping to these adulterous globalists?

Plus: Football season kicked off last night in Los Angeles as the Buffalo Bills crushed the Super Bowl Champion Rams. Even JJ McCartney wanted to take a nap by the end of the first touchdown.

There will be some fun trivia quotes for everybody to ponder, and the Mysterious Colonel will appear as we contemplate a world without any queens.

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