Friday the 13th: JJ, The Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin prepare to “rake the leaves”

Autumn in the air, the Friday Extravaganza posse is preparing to rake the leaves, scrape the frost from the windshield, and when it does come time, to shovel the snowflakes and send them where they belong: piled up to slowly melt their way into the sewers.

The snowflake-pandering media decided to hold another “Trump-bash-fest” last night, covered of course by the official network of Trump-bashing snowflakes, CNN. The Drudge Report headline was “Klobuchar breaks out”. So Ms. Klobuchar broke out of the mental institution?

We don’t get CNN. But even if we did, we still wouldn’t “get” CNN. The network of losers, the network which staged a fake air raid on a stage in their Atlanta studio in the first Gulf war. THIS is the best the left has?

Worry not, fellow patriots. Our side will prevail. It has to. Because THEIR side has nothing. No good ideas. No vision for the future that doesn’t involve reducing cow farts and hugging trees. And they have no code by which they can lead responsibly.

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