Friday the 13th: The Friday Extravaganza w/the Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin

The Democrats have declared war on free and fair elections! This week’s travesty was put to an official vote in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives this week, as two articles of impeachment were passed and sent to the Senate for deliberation.

Meanwhile Americans are sick, tired and PISSED about how the Democrats fabricated “evidence”, denied Republicans access to the key “witnesses” and paraded a laundry list of “Never-Trumpers” to declare how vile the President is. Curiously, none of them lauded the record-low unemployment, the record number of jobs Trump has created, or how well the stock market is doing. It must have just slipped their minds!

The few Americans that watched the incredibly dull and biased proceedings are tired of the ridiculous freak-show antics of the left.

November 2020 is fast approaching. A day of reckoning for people like Nadler, Pelosi, and Maxine Waters awaits.

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