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After three of the longest days I have had in a while, my family is home, intact, and can now pursue rest and recuperation in earnest.

Which gives me this chance to share from the heart:

I have been away from the non-stop news streams for the past few days, and quite honestly, I needed the break. I needed the break so much that the break is going to continue for the next few days as I give myself a chance to truly decompress and take the time to think in complete sentences instead of abbreviations and misspelled words in Facebook posts and Tweets.

So if any of you have felt “misstweeted” the past few days, I humbly apologize.

Now for a few thoughts and observations as I am still in my untainted media-purged State.

Firstly, (and everybody needs to hear this), the 24-hour-a-day media war will go on without you, or me, or anybody else. It will still be there any time of the day or night. And I want you all to ask yourselves a very important question about the state of the media, and what it is designed to do to your mind, your body and your spirit?

Now, this is a huge thing to consider. When any of us subjects ourselves to any of the cable news, radio news(regardless of their slant), internet based news feeds, what you are doing is opening a channel into your subconscious, your conscious, and your unconscious mind.

A very famous journalist once said: it isn’t their job to tell you what to think. It is their job to tell you WHAT TO THINK ABOUT!

Let that sink in for a moment. The media isn’t worried about where you land on an issue. They are concerned in steering your mind to think about issues that occupy your mind. And why would that matter to them?

Newspapers used to bludgeon readers with the biggest, bold-typed headlines about as little as one or two stories on the front page.

That first section of the newspaper of yesteryear was designed to divert your attention from other stories and issues which were of much more significance to your life, or the nation’s best interests.

If modern journalism(corporate media, mostly) can successfully divert the majority of the nation’s attention away from stories about the Globalists and their evil schemes by convincing you there must be some grand conspiracy between the President and Russia, then they are keeping you in the dark about the real conspiracies between the Globalists and the past administration.

They will try to throw the dogs off the scent of the real enemies of freedom, prosperity, and power in the hands of an informed citizenry.

In a fantasy-land the corporate media has colluded with one political party to lie, deceive, distract, and dumb down an anesthetized population and marginalize distinct voices of dissent to portray them as odd-balls. They have attempted to delegitemize truth by attacking those who dare to tell the truth.

They hurl pejorative terms like “nut-job”, “conspiracy theorist”, “radical” and “extremist” to attempt to neutralize the truth these people tell.


In other words, if they can’t refute what someone says, they feel they are justified in launching attacks on the individual who rightly stands and proclaims truth.

And they use playground tactics to do so. Since pre-school age, children are conditioned to be absolute conformists. If one person refuses to go along with the crowd, they will be ostracized. We have all seen this on playgrounds in our youth.

Conformity becomes a demand that is based on the rawest emotion. Everybody is pressured to conform, and if they break from the norm, they are made outcasts, regardless of who is right and who is wrong.

And at that point, they(children, as young as 4 or 5) are permanently affected by group-think. Nobody(or very few) is willing to risk being humiliated, stigmatized or shamed. When any person in the world places the fear of what others will think above the devotion to what is factually and morally right, freedom and justice are harmed.

When groupthink and mob rule become the dominant considerations in any person’s mind, then pure tyranny will only be a matter of time.

And so, please consider the current state of our education system as it exists today.

This is not an attack on the devoted and committed teachers across America. It is about the pressure these people are put under by their out-of-control labor union, the so-called “National Education Association”, and their affiliated State Education Associations.

In most districts, a teacher cannot be hired unless they agree to join the union. Once they join the union, they are forced to pay union dues. And these union dues are then spent by the union bosses to support and pursue radical leftist candidates and causes.

The members of the union have no voice in determining how their dues money is spent.

And the unions also dictate curriculum objectives be pursued that do not reflect the views of membership.

Now, try to follow the money. School Boards dictate local education curriculum and policies. These are elected officials, who can wield power. They are fledgling politicians just cutting in their teeth.

Now, who do you suppose is the number 1 contributor to their political campaigns? Would you believe the National Education Association? And State Education Associations? You would be correct.

And what do you suppose are the main political educational objectives of the NEA?

Their number one objective is to turn young school children into compliant, obedient little Democrats. To instill mindless moral equivocation where a true conscience should have gone in the psyche of vulnerable and fragile young minds.

Next, To obliterate common sense and replace it with psychobabble. To erode morality and replace it with a land of no absolutes, except unlimited tolerance, divorced from one’s ability or capacity to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong.

Their true objective is to subjugate the whole population, and in so doing, they must obliterate God from society by using the pressure to conform as a means of ostracizing the young people who were taught to believe in God!

So today the vast majority of people in media(journalists) are more and more a product of the spoiled and evil education system I just described.

These people all but sing in unison in their articles, newscasts, blogs or Social Media posts.

And the one power they have in the mainstream of society today is the ability to limit the data streams flowing into the minds of their fellow graduates from the school of groupthink, Political Correctness, and mob rule.

If you control what people think about, you control people on a subconscious level, and you turn them effectively into political zombies, marching with knitted vaginas on their heads, angry at anything with a penis, and completely lost in a fake world of the most shallow, superficial, self-obsessed and warped “celebrities” as their cultural icons.

With absolutely no understanding of who they really are, why they were created, and why their life really does matter, suicide has supplanted heart disease as the second-leading cause of death in people under the age of 40.

In evaluating and contemplating all of this in the past few days, there is one thing missing in America today in the lives of the under-40 population:

God. The children of the 90’s and 2000’s are just beginning to come of age. And if one term sums up their generation it is this: Un-churched.

The corporate mass-media, the “Corporation for Public Broadcasting”, PBS, NPR, IHeartMedia, Cumulus, SiriusXM, what do they all have in common?

If you spend 100 hours a week partaking in their “product”, you will not hear anything about God, Creation, The lineage of Israel, The prophecies, The Virgin Birth, the Sermon on the Mount, The Last Supper, the betrayal of Jesus, the Arrest of Jesus. The Scourging of Jesus. The condemnation of Jesus. The Crucifixion. The Death of Jesus. The burial. The RESURRECTION of Jesus!

Any questio0ns?

What does it say about a nation when it’s media, (which is as much a reflection of a society as it is an influence) omits God the Father, Jesus the Son, And the Holy Spirit. such that they are not even a tiny fragment of the Lexicon in 21st Century America?

There can be no true morality, no moral high ground, when a nation accepts abortion on demand as the “settled law of the land”.

How can there be any clemency for a nation that refuses to recognize the sanctity of human life?

And how can we spend over 8 hours a day consuming the mass-media’s garbage buffet when it is the worst junk-food for body, mind and spirit?


If you want to truly be free, set aside the mainstream media, and instead spend that time studying and contemplating the Bible, and praying to God. Not short laundry-lists of things you want God to give you, but earnest, humble and life-changing conversations with your FATHER!

Please, take the MEDIA-FREE Jesus Jamboree Challenge with me in the week of August 22-28. Spend a week studying the Bible with me. Praying with me. And meditating on the Cross of Christ.

Join me on Wednesday August 22nd as we turn the focus onto the Gospel of Christ.

More to come..