Full Circle: JJ McCartney moves back to 3-5pm ET

JJ McCartney is BACK where he started!

Four + years ago, JJ McCartney started his daily talk show, and now, after a lengthy illness, JJ has returned to his original time slot!

We are happy to report that JJ is back with all his zeal and most of his energy, and is excited to be where he belongs!

Today was a melancholy Monday, as one of our good friends is being laid to rest. But she is in a better place now. Now it is time to stand upright and move forward, with our eyes on the prize, and our hearts intent on ministering to the lost, the hurting and the confused.

We’ll cover the latest news, and share the keys to victory in 2018. We’ll also put the mainstream media in their place, as we dissect the ridiculous and vicious attacks from the left on Judge Roy Moore.

Plus, we will re-visit the fires in Northern California and ask some questions about the peculiarity of those fires.

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