Grand Theft: Alabama. How the leftist media, DEMS/GOP and Obama stole senate seat

The establishment Deep State just stole the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in Alabama.

This was the biggest bamboozle in American political history. A claculated steady stream of lies and innuendo with absolutely ZERO evidence was rolled out en masse by the lame-stream media. Financed by George Soros, and by both political parties deep state operatives, and peddled by the proverbial pompous opera star who refuses to exit stage left when his part in this god-awful play is over, Barack Obama the classless, America-hating crook.

Make no mistake, people. The state of Alabama is awakening today and wondering what the hell; just happened? They are bewildered how the election was stolen, and believe you me, it was.

The Senate changed the rules Monday late. They virtual;;ly made a recount impossible. They required that as soon as the elction was called, the priginal electronic data record was to be destroyed, making a recount impossible, This is the first tiome electronic counting was used, and magically, Talladega County, who voted for President Trump by a +16 margiun, suddenly in one year goes +12 for the democrat? Pardon me, but there appears, as they used to say, “a n_gger in the woodshed”.

The Part’s over, Bath-house Barrie. Go back to Kenya and visit your brother’s hut!!

The state of Alabama hadn’t elected a democrat senator in 25 years. And the state of Alabama ovberwhelmingly went for Trump last year.

So was it false accusations? Media bombardment? Chicanery? Some will say it was the accusations made against Roy Moore. Some will claim it was backlash against Trump. But you know what it really was? It was collusion between the GOP leadership in the senate and the Democrat leadership, and Barack Obama, and the mainstream media.

This was the high-tech lynching which Justice Clarence Thomas referred to at his senate confirmation hearings in 1991. It was a parade of accusers with no evidence, coming to step forward after 38 years, with zero evidence, zero eyewitnesses, and with the media bombarding voters with daily attacks on Roy Moore’s character.,

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 17: Remember Gropin’ Joe Biden? Where was the outrage then?

All the while ignoring Doug Jones’s character. For example did you hear from the mainstream media that Doug Jones supports abortion even in the case of a woman in the labor/delivery room about to give birth to a healthy baby? Did you ever stop to wonder what governs TV news these days? The answer is this: The new world order. Globalists. George Soros. They are certainly not governed by the constraints of facts, evidence, diligence, or whether a story is true or not. No, the mainstream media in America is a wing of the progressive leftist Democrat party.

They just made the tail wag the dog yesterday in Alabama. Alabama voters should be pissed. They just had their votes discarded. This result was as phony as Elizabeth Warren’s Head-dress.

Remember what they did on December 12th, 2017. It is going to take real effort and devotion to prevent it from happening again and again. America is looking to President Donald Trump to provide honest leadership and to expose what happened in Alabama yesterday for what it was: A production of the media and the Deep State. Judge Roy Moore will be okay. But the senate is now very much in question, ,because of the turncoats Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins and John McCain.

And now, let’s set our sights on Minnesota. Let’s steal Al Franken’s seat when that special election comes next year. let’s find a good conservative to run, and let’s commit to bombard Minnesotans with truth and fact, and let’s out-hustle the lunatic Democrats. This is war.

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