Happy Birthday, JJ!! The Thursday Show- News, Commentary and sage advice

It was 57 years ago today that your host, JJ McCartney was born in Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska.

JJ McCartney, the second child from the left, posing in front of his Dad circa 1964.

Since then, it has been almost impossible to get him to shut up.


JJ M<cCartney, September 1985

JJ McCartney welcomes all to listen and watch as we broadcast from the Nightside Radio Studios in spacious western Nebraska.

In the news today, the deluded democrats continue to pretend they have a shot in 2020. Not that bad things CANNOT happen in 2020, but considering the absolutely looney ideas the democrats are focusing on, the working-class citizens of these United States simply cannot and will not slip their necks into the stockade of runaway taxation and insane spending of the left. It’ snot even a choice.

JJ McCartney, 2009

To those who earn a paycheck, President Trump’s handling of the economy has been an elixir for what ails people’s personal economies. Lower Taxes. Less Regulation. Smaller Government. Those are the pillars I have been preaching for decades. It works every time it is applied. And then the democrats crap themselves claiming we do not care about the _____(fill in the blank with whatever the oppressed sub-group-flavor-of-the-month is).

Donald Trump deserves credit for how he has managed the economy, and how he has been true to himself and his worldview. A populist worldview, based on the desire of We, the People to have control of our own lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

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JJ McCartney, taming halibut, 1990

JJ McCartney, fall, 1976