Holy Stimulus Package, Batman!! Trump White House hammers out deal with Dems

$2 Trillion Stimulus deal reached, Stocks soar. President eyes Easter as a goal for restoring normalcy after unprecedented pandemic lockdowns.

Democrat Governors vow NOT to re-open for business any time soon, as they would rather politicize than prioritize recovery.

One thing is certain: Restoring business-as-usual is an absolute moral and fiscal and psychological IMPERATIVE for America. The President understands this well, while democrats are pouting in a corner waiting for the grim reaper to punch their tickets.

But it won’t be the grim reaper punching their tickets, it will be voters across America that punch them in November when people recall how despicably the democrats behaved, and how composed and reasoned President Trump has been, leading by example and keeping the calm in the face of daily media hysteria aimed at disrupting America’s economy and national security through misinformation and disinformation the likes of which we have NEVER seen before.

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