Huge shows upcoming at!

A great slate of shows!

Starting Friday with JJ’s first-hour guest, Major-General(Ret.)Paul Vallely. We’ll talk North Korea, and Iranian aggression in violation of the so-called nuclear deal.

We’ll get the General’s take on the events of the past week regarding Charlottesville, the media’s anti-Trump activism, and the state of race-relations in the United States.

On Monday, JJ will feature two outstanding guests, and we’ll do it while taking in a total eclipse in the middle of the show!

In hour 1 Monday, our guest will be a true national treasure, Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr, and a staunch pro-life advocate, and we will talk about the brokenness of America today spiritually, racially, and morally. We’ll talk about the events of the past week, and how important it is that we not allow ourselves to get drawn into the kind of contentiousness and anger that the left is trying to foment.

In our second hour Monday, JJ welcomes back our brother-in-arms, the host of Caravan to Midnight and Ark to Midnight, John B. Wells. We’ll compare notes on the many incidents, attacks and events since last we visited, and we’ll slice and dice the outrageous and seditious Main-stream media as they continue their attempt at a blitzkrieg, essentially an attempted coup carried out by all the corporate-owned media.

And we will bring you even more outstanding conversation with guests like the Mysterious Colonel, Ibn Q. Al Rassooli, and many more!

Also, we want to let you all know that due to YouTube’s hostile censorship and de-monetization of conservative voices, we are discontinuing our live video streams on YouTube, and making The Liberty Eagle’s Facebook page the exclusive home of live streaming video of The JJ McCartney Show.

This is standing in solidarity with Diamond and Silk, and countless other conservative patriot’s shows which have all been targeted by Google and YouTube in an effort to injure the cause financially.

Please join us every weekday from Noon to 3pm Eastern time for The JJ McCartney Show LIVE here at,, and