Ibn “IQ” Al Rassooli is BACK! Plus…a Global Warming Update from New York(as 18″ of snow is expected!)

America is a land that is fraught with many woes, and the situation is turning into perpetual evil, and perpetual curses.

Are you worried about what America will look like in 10, 20, 30 years?

The invasion of the United States didn’t start with Muslim refugees. It didn’t start with illegals from Mexico or Latin America. It didn’t start with the United Nations.

The invasion of America began over 100 years ago, with people like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and the Progressive movement.

The invasion of the United States started with the Communist party of Russia. It was an invasion that began in America’s Universities. It metastacized when young graduates from America’s universities went on to become teachers, and then it continued as the communist Labor movement took root in America, as teachers formed a union which moved teachers even farther to the left.

America’s grade schools in the 1950’s were scenes straight out of Leave it to Beaver. But schools in the 1960’s were vastly different. Why? Because the teachers of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s started retiring, and younger, much more liberal teachers replaced those that focused on Science, History, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, were replaced by teachers focusing on Social Studies, Sex Education, and Revisionist History.

By the 1970’s, America’s text books started changing. Science became more about Darwinism, and teaching a curriculum based on the presumption that God was a non-factor in creation, and that everything and everybody was simply the product of randomness and evolution, and the concept that man wasn’t created by God, but evolved from apes, fish, single-celled organisms and a theory that is so full of holes it doesn’t pass the smell-test.

Teachers, through teaching a curriculum that is aimed at destroying a child’s sense of self-worth, and godlessness, planted seeds of evil and a systemic indoctrination which is the key to communism’s evil agenda.

You want to know how kids end up shooting up school-houses? Let’s look at what has happened in the last 50 years:

Viet Nam. Assassinations of RFK and MLK. Man walks on the Moon. Watergate. Abortion on demand. The Sexual Revolution. Sexual deviants are celebrated in Hollywood. San Francisco becomes the new Sodom. Movies and Television promote promiscuity, and portray chaste teenagers as the oddballs, the outcasts, the un-cool.

Then came test-tube babies, frozen embryos, the artificial heart, and America’s morality changed drastically. Hum,an life was no longer sacred. Godliness is portrayed as draconian, ancient, and irrelevant in society. Sex becomes casual, video games are introduced that appeal to a violent tendency which becomes prevalent in their culture.

Space Shuttle blows up. Muslim terrorists grow bolder. Leftists begin referring to terrorists as freedom fighters. America’s moral compass comes under attack from…Universities. Radicalism on American campuses becomes the mainstream on American campuses like Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia and more.

America’s Universities have been the conduit through which anti-American sentiment, godlessness and moral relativism has flowed into America’s schools, and the minds and hearts of America’s young people.

Suddenly, this 55-year-old wakes up in a world I do not recognize, and a world that alarms me. Children are irreverent, angry, and cynical. They do not understand the moral code, and the faith in God that drives my ideology, my morality, and my priorities in life.

We’re far too close to the brink. America sits on the very edge of a precipice. If she tips over that edge, there will be no restoration, but weeping and gnashing of teeth, when America is fully abandoned by God, who is Holy, and cannot bless and reward such filth in our culture any longer.

America was great because God Shed His grace on her. But as America has become more defiant, rejecting G0od, rejecting the moral code for the ages, and instead embracing the idea that SELF is their god.

Everything that has gone wrong in the world stems from godlessness, rejection of Jesus, and a brand of hatred toward people of God which is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

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