Impeachment FARSE: Desperate dems clutching at straws, plus IQ Al Rassooli

The Democrat playbook is now on display for all to see. One of it’s central cores is the “art” of projection. That is, to accuse their opponents of the precise type of corruption and graft that they themselves are guilty of in SPADES.

Hearken back to THIS video clip:

Ladies and gentlemen, that is PROOF that the Obama/Biden administration coerced Ukraine leveraging $1 Billion in loan guarantees and insisting that Ukraine fire the prosecutor who was investigating the natural gas company which Hunter Biden sat on the Board of, while being paid $50,000 per month. This was clearly a quid-pro-quo, a grotesque abuse of power, and revealing since the investigator was looking into massive corruption involving the gas company and Hunter Biden’s role in the corruption itself.

It also reveals a much more telling secret which the mainstream media seems incapable of acknowledging since it goes against their narrative: The Obama administration was, without a doubt, the most corrupt in U.S. history. From the Clinton-funded Steele dossier, to the ridiculous FISA warrants and the spying on the Trump campaign in 2015 and 2016, the Democrats are guilty of much more massive improprieties, exponentially worse than anything they have ever MADE UP about Trump.

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