In voting for impeachment of Trump, Democrats in House commit high treason

One Patriot’s perspective:

The atmosphere in American Politics has been polluted perhaps irreparably by the raw hatred of partisan Democrats and their Deep State cronies.

As I put this yesterday:

The most revolutionary act we, the People can take is what we did three years ago in electing President Donald Trump.


Clearly the Deep-Staters didn’t want to accept that outcome, hence the three-year temper tantrum that culminated in the partisan events of Wednesday December 18th.

But they(The Democrat majority in the House) are not the final arbiters of this fight. The ultimate power rests with We, the People.

And just as we did three years ago, we trust in God, and we stand by President Donald Trump.

Nadler , Schiff, Pelosi, Comey, The Clintons, Soros, the DNC, the mainstream media, they can all go straight to hell, which is exactly where they are bound!

Our republic must learn to punish traitors, liars, and political terrorists like Schiff and Nadler and we must, as a block of voters, utterly destroy the media apparatus they use to spread their disinformation.

Never in the nation’s history of jurisprudence has there been a more corrupt and tainted [process as the display we have seen from the Democrats, led by Schiff and Nadler in their rabid pursuit of fact-free partisan hatred and bile. In the days of America’s founding and well beyond, this was the kinbd of offense that resulted in well-deserved firing squads, hangings public executions.

Every single democrat that voted for impeachment in the House Wednesday is guilty of an attempted coup based on nothing factual.  It all started three years ago when these crazed leftists, with the encouragement of the “mainstream media” launched into a fantasy-land which has zero to do with reality as it is known by the American people.

The crazies in the media, from Colbert

We started a revolution when we elected President Trump.

Today the time has arrived to finish this by vanquishing our foes to the uttermost and exiling them to a land of their own making, like perhaps North Korea or Iran.

The time for politeness and courtesy has passed!

It is time to kick ass!

Now, who’s with me??

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